The Drama of Sustainable Development
December 2020

ARTISTIC UNDRESSINGS of the Stockholm Royal Seaport

The Drama of Sustainable Development

  The fire had not yet risen. The waters were indistinguishable from air, and earth lay underfoot, unnoticed. Yet the waters were slightly creased like a wrinkled cloth. Each wrinkle lapping development, where the surface dazzled, plastic to perfection. But the wrinkles disturbed – each wave pausing before drawing out again, unmasking sedimented stress. Gradually the wrinkled cloth became barred with thick strokes that beat, beat after beat, beneath the surface, following each other, pursuing each other perpetually. The dark bar on the horizon became whole as if sediment had sunk. Air gained direction and Fire fused as a single haze whilst Earth revealed its sculpted body and Water refused The Future. Development became transparent... five acts.

A production « of Public Art » + Co-Curators’ Note


The Culture House

Act 11


11:1   Wild Beyond
11:11  Power Walks
11:111 The Fire Market

Act 111

Act 1V


1V:1   How is the City Speaking Now?
1V:11  Power Walks
1V:111 The Port of Black River

Produced by Mossutställningar, Studio Benedetta Crippa and The WET Centre